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A skin analysis is the first step before each facial for new and long time customers of French Cosmetology by Tanith. A seasoned skin care expert like Tanith knows that the type of facial an individual may need can differ not only from season to season but also, from day to day and is often not one type of facial but, a combination of different facials. Tanith will examine the condition of your skin to determine the facial technology and treatment that’s best for you when you come to your appointment.  Here are a few examples of facial treatments that you can receive at French Cosmetology by Tanith.


Non-surgical French Face-Lift:

Minimizes wrinkles and firms your skin. Gentle micro-currents bring the elasticity back to your skin, stimulates collagen production, and strengthens facial muscles. This facial also includes an exfoliating cleanse, lymphatic drainage to help reduce toxic buildup, and a retinol infused mask to help energize your cells.

90 min, $185

Organic Detox Facial

A European cleansing that helps to eliminate impurities, boost your circulation, rejuvenate cells and prepares your skin for a nutrient-rich mask that will leave your skin glowing beautifully.

60 min, $145

Ultra Diamond Microdermabrasion

This facial will take dull layers off your skin and years off your appearance by polishing away old cells and stimulating production of collagen. Unlike any other dermabrasion in town, ours starts with a peel to begin the peeling process. Next, our Diamond dermabrasion removes dull  layers and prepares your skin for extractions. Finally medical grade oxygen is used to reinvigorate and nourish your healthy new cells.

90 min, $175

Back Facial

This  relaxing back treatment starts with a cleansing scrub to remove congestion and layers of dead skin. Next,we use diamond dermabrasion to throughly exfoliate your back and prepare it for extractions and a purifying mask.

60 min, $140

  1. L.E. D. Anti-Aging Light Therapy

Designed to heal and repair stressed skin:                     Gentle spectrums of light deliver low, medium and high LED light pulses to your skin resulting in a smoother an healthier complexion.

60 min, $140

LED Rosacea

Designed to soothe skin and decrease inflammation. It’s a calming facial with LED therapy.

90 min, $165

LED Acne Therapy

Our Acne Turn-Around Facial gently helps to eliminate problem acne.

90 min, $175

A Fairy Tale Come True

10 treatments for your face hands and feet

Drift away as our French Woman gives your face a thorough luxurious cleansing, a dazzling diamond peel, a deep lymphatic drainage (that you will feel through out your entire body), micro-currents that provide a gentle non-surgical face lift,  collagen production and disencrustation, a rich relaxing mask, a detailed eye treatment, LED light therapy, a relaxing anti-aging hand treatment with warm mitts and a scrumptious foot massage complete with warm booties . . . Oh là là          Live the dream

90 min, $225



                                                        Regular                    $40 

V.I.P. + Butt            $75 

V.I.P. Brazilian        $60 - 75   


                                                               Eye brow wax          $25

Lip wax                    $15 

Chin wax                  $10

Eye brow tint            $5

Eye lash tint              $40  


                                                                    Full leg wax              $85  

Half leg wax             $45


                                                               Under arm wax         $35   

Full arm wax             $55 

Half arm wax            $40 

                                                                       Back wax                  see Tanith           




   Regular  $40

   V.I.P. + Butt  75

   V.I.P. Brazilian  60-75


   Eye brow wax  25

   Lip wax  15

   Chin wax  10

   Eye brow tint  5

   Eye lash tint  40


   Full leg wax  85

   Half leg wax  45


   Under arm wax  35   

   Full arm wax  55

   Half arm wax  40

   BACK WAX  see Tanith